EPS/FSD partnership

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FSDL and EPS committed to Eight20 to deliver an offsite fabricated solution for external infrastructure on the RGF plant at Coppermills.

EPS_FSD work2

EPS_FSD work1

Six, 24 meter long, gallery walkways complete with pipework, valves, penstocks, instrumentation, lighting, distribution boards and Profibus hubs were constructed in Co Cork, Southern Ireland in the factory of EPS.

FSDL had all materials and fabricated bracketry sourced in the UK and shipped out to Ireland. This allowed for fast clean assembly of the electrical installation and substantially minimised tertiary fabrication during the construction
of the RGF galleries.

FSDL and EPS collaboratively delivered these units; the first 3 units for the North side were delivered and positioned into Coppermills WTW on the 11th of February with the 3 south side gallery’s to follow later in March.

EPS_FSD group