FSD / Anord Awarded Thames Gateway Desalination Plant Contract

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Thames Water recently restarted construction of The Thames Gateway Desalination Plant on the Beckton STW Site in East London, on the North Bank of the river Thames. This plant will produce freshwater from the saltwater of the Thames Estuary and be one of the largest of its kind in the world. The process involvesprimary filtration and chemical treatment, reverse osmosis and then final treatment prior to the water being pumped off site to reservoirs located in the North London area via a new pipeline.

FSD and Anord have been working closely with Thames Water and Acciona Agua since 2004 to produce a cost-effective solution to the challenging engineering issues faced with such a large process plant, and multiple value engineering exercises were undertaken to ensure best value was achieved. FSD / Anord’s scope of works includes the design, supply, installation and commissioning of the 415/690V MCC’s and associated cabling and Busducting, along with the 33kV and 11kV cabling associated with the HV/MV distribution system; the plant is to utilise Profibus networks for control and instrumentation systems.

Climate change, together with shifting population demographics, has exacerbated water shortages in certain areas of the UK, notably London and the South East. As a consequence, desalination technology is regarded as an important process to safeguard water supplies for the future. FSD’s involvement in this high-profile and important project will give us valuable experience which can be applied to future contracts.

The new plant, an Interserve/Acciona Agua joint venture, is to cost £200m and will be able to produce 140 million litres of water per day (enough to supply one million people in north-east London). Commissioning of the plant is to begin in September 2009, with fresh water into supply March 2010.