Paperless Initiative

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This video was made by one of our Mechanical supervisors, Ionut Baisan. He has been working hard to improve the environmental impact of our operations.

His vision and enthusiasm has encouraged FSD to move ahead with using new technologies to reduce paper use on site and in the office. FSD have implemented many of Ionut’s ideas and the SHEQ team have developed his ideas and taken them further, trialing the use of QR Codes and NFC Tags to improve safety on site as well as environmental impact.

Utilising cloud-based platforms including Microsoft SharePoint we capture site data, images and locations in electronic forms on mobile devices. Secure synchronisation with the cloud ensures the integrity of the data. Metrics from the data are available as soon as the electronic form is uploaded including custom dashboards for decision making. In this way activities such as site audits and positive interventions can have an immediate impact and are paper free. 

 FSD have developed the use of QR Codes for electrical assemblies. By adding QR codes to the rating plate, information can be stored for future use including serial number, warranty information and system ratings. This means information can be acquired quickly across many assemblies using mobile technology and little reliance on third party apps, software, or connectivity. Customer-specific data can also be stored in a dedicated QR code to increase the accuracy of asset management and data collection both during the project and throughout the lifetime of the assembly.

FSD have now also developed QR code use for daily site activities such as signing in and equipment use. The use of mobile tablets instead of paper for many other site activities is an innovation that FSD hope to roll out company-wide soon.