Anglian Water Non-Infrastructure Works

Customer: Anglian Water

Site Owner: Anglian Water

Value: £740k

During the latter half of 2012, and in early 2013, a number of Non-Infrastructure works were carried out on sites across the Anglian Water region. Anglian Water invested more than £100 million to improve the performance of its sewage treatment works in order to comply with more stringent discharge consents set by the Environment Agency.

In detail, the FSD scope included:

Swineshead WWTW – Refurbishment works associated with new MCC and blowers, inlet works and MBR plant cabling works

  • Site Power Supply
  • Inlet Works Screens
  • Flow Control
  • Trace Heating
  • Various external lighting works

Cabling associated with

  • PST De-sludge pump cabling
  • New Sludge Holding Tank
  • Aeration Blowers
  • Contec Screens
  • MBR Unit
  • Wash water Booster Instrumentation

Holbeach STW – Refurbishment works associated with new Storm Tank, Sand Filter MCC kiosk and Sand Filter feed pumps

  • Site Power supply
  • New Sand Filter plant MCC – associated cabling
  • Associated telemetry cabling
  • Independent earth nest and cabling
  • Site and task lighting
  • Trace heating
  • Process plant DB – cabling

Uppingham WTW – WFD Ammonia – Refurbishment work associated with Aeration Plant MCC

  • Site Power Supply
  • Associated rotork cabling
  • MCC kiosk cabling
  • Removals associated with existing MCC/generator
  • Dissolved Oxygen (DO) probe cabling
  • RAS/SAS – cabling existing control system to conductivity electrodes in RAS/SAS pump station
  • Telemetry cabling
  • Instrumentation
  • Earthing

Somersham – Refurbishment works associated with new inlet screens, filter arms, grit classifier, Sand Filter feed pump station, Tertiary treatment

  • Site Power Supply
  • Site Lighting
  • Earthing

Associated cabling for

  • Inlet works Screens
  • Grit Removal and Classifier
  • Motorised Filter Arms
  • Recirculation Pumps
  • New Tertiary Treatment MCC
  • Sand Filter Feed Pump Station
  • Self-Cleaning Strainer
  • Tertiary Treatment Sand Filters
  • Tertiary Treatment Recirculation System
  • Auto Divert Valves
  • Instrumentation
  • Trace Heating
  • Emergency Stop Buttons
  • Telemetry system
  • Kiosk Building Services

Dunsby STW – Flow Compliance – New MCC and build SVS kiosk and associated cabling to various plant/equipment

  • Electrical installation associated with new plant/MCCs
  • Cabling new tertiary treatment plant and sand filters
  • New sand filter pumping station
  • New sand filter cleaning strainer
  • Install flow meters
  • Telemetry cabling
  • Site lighting
  • Feeds to 2 x new MCC
  • Free issue instrumentation cabling
  • Various external lighting works
  • Earthing
  • Install free issue equipment

Didlington and Fordington Drought relief

  • Associated Borehole works
  • New installation of Borehole associated controls and instrumentation cabling
  • Modifications to existing chlorine pump
  • Install main feeds from MCC to chemical dosing
  • Install cabling associated with telemetry/DB/outstation