Belfast Sewers

Customer: Morgan Sindall

Site Owner: DRD/Northern Ireland Water

Value: £1.5m

The Belfast Sewers Project incorporated 24 shaft sites throughout the city strategically located to allow access for inspections and maintenance of a network of storm water tunnels which culminate in a Terminal Pumping Station 30m below the surface at Duncrue Street.

Storm water is contained in a Wet Well adjacent to the Dry Well containing 6 No. 950kw 3.3kv Storm Pumps and 2 No. 410kw 400v FFT Pumps, associated valves and instrumentation, which was to pump the water up to a forebay channel ahead of the two drum screens.

FSD and Anord Control Systems worked in joint venture for the design, supply and install of all LV, C&I systems including building services and gas detection for all works at the Terminal Pump Station and Screens.

FSD scope encompassed all HV, MV, LV and C&I works at the pumping station with the exception of the supply and install of HV Switchgear and transformers, which were supplied by Igranic and Winders respectively.

An existing 11kv HV supply was extended to provide parallel supplies to the site removing two RMUs and jointing existing aluminium cable to new copper cables.

Cable containment design for the shaft was critical to maintain segregation between 3.3kv and 400v power and C&I cabling, specifically for the pump level where vertical access for the overhead crane is required for maintaining the pumps.

The pump station is capable of pumping 18200 litres of water per second.