Maundown WTW Reconstruction

Customer: WECS

Site Owner: Wessex Water

Value: £1.4m

FSD were honoured to be awarded the Main Electrical contract for the prestigious reconstructed Maundown Water Treatment Works in 2008, by Wessex Water. The scope of work included electrical design and installation of the power distribution, profibus cabling, fibre optic network installation, instrument installation, and site building services. Maundown is Wessex Water’s first all-Profibus plant and one which sets the standard for the water treatment industry

The site consisted of three main process areas, Daf Building, Main Treatment Building, and Sludge area, electrically controlled via five new MCC panels, integrated to a number of existing MCC panels, and linked together via a fibre optic network. These in turn were connected to eighteen local control panels, which controlled and monitored various areas of the plant using the profibus network. This information was all fed back to the SCADA system, situated within the new Admin block, which consisted of workshops, laboratory, control room, meeting rooms and operators mess areas.

The reconstructed Maundown water treatment works began supplying water in 2009. The £25 million project was the largest ever scheme undertaken by Wessex Engineering and Construction Services, on behalf of Wessex Water. The facility treats water from the nearby Wimbleball and Clatworthy reservoirs and supplies around 200,000 people in central Somerset.

The process involved increasing the number of treatment stages to improve the quality of water. New treatment stages include dissolved air flotation, rapid gravity filtration and granular activated carbon treatment along with a new contact tank prior to supply. Furthermore, capacity was extended to meet peaks in demand. The improved treatment processes overcame taste and odour problems which were caused by increasing algal blooms in local water sources.

The project was completed on time and within budget, however, as with all construction projects there were unique challenges that faced the project team, and as FSD were an integral part of the team they played a key role in ensuring that any potential issues that may have affected the project were mitigated, FSD received commendations for the quality of the completed project and for their flexible approach.