Severn Trent Water Flowmetering

Customer: Grontmij (Carl Bro)

Site Owner: Severn Trent Water

Value: £3M

The Urban Waste Water Treatment Directive prescribed by the Environment Agency requires that all companies discharging effluent into the water course at a rate greater than 50m3 or with a population equivalent exceeding 250, must measure the full flow to effluent or the fully treated final effluent.

Severn Trent Water have approximately 600 sites where this requirement must be met and FSD were appointed as one of their Q and AR (Quality and Asset Renewal) specialists, which applied to approximately 180 of these sites. This accreditation also required all companies carrying out these works to seek FSD approval for their designs and installation.

In order to carry out these works, FSD combined their installation and project management capability with Grontmij (Carl Bro Group) and Hydro-Logic, who provided consultancy and hydrological skills.

The signals from each of the flow monitors provide totalized flow values via Severn Trent Water’s PMCS system for formal reporting to the Environment Agency.

As a total solutions provider for these schemes FSD were responsible for the complete delivery which was broken down into the following phases:

  • Design clarification, including site survey
  • Detail design
  • Construction
  • Certification
  • Commissioning of signals to PMCS
  • Verification to Severn Trent Water (NMC) and handover

In recognition of their works on this project FSD were given the “Minor Works Team of the Year” award from Severn Trent Water.