West Burton Power Station HV Cabling

Customer: FLS Miljo (Denmark)

Site Owner: TXU

Value: £800k

FLS Miljo were contracted to install a Flue Gas Treatment plant at West Burton Power Station and employed FSD to provide a High Voltage Power Supply to the Main Switchroom and to install the new High Voltage Switchgear Cubicles.

 The feed to the new Switchgear was on the opposite site of the boilers and after FSD had carried out cable sizing calculations, approximately 18km of cable was installed across the site before attaching it to the support system using approximately 7000 trefoil cleats

 FSD supplied and installed a new high level cable bridge to carry these cables along part of their route, including new concrete footings and new entries into the building. Much of the route was also within a confined space which meant that temperature rise was a major factor in carrying out the cabling design.

Having installed the Cables and Switchgear, FSD glanded and terminated each of the High Voltage Cables, before testing each of them individually and recording the results.

This contract demonstrated FSD’s ability to carry out a multi disciplined project, carrying out the Design and Electrical Installation themselves and working closely with their Civil and Mechanical sub-contractors to achieve their client’s tight installation programme.