Bentinck Gasifier

Customer: ITI Energy

Site Owner: ITI Energy

Value: £400k

ITI Energy has developed a patented gasification technology to convert treated Municipal House Waste into renewable energy in the 2MW range. They are constructing their first commercial power plant on the old Bentinck colliery site at Kirkby in Ashfield in Nottingham and have planning consent for a further four power plants.

Phase I of the project is to install the complete HV infrastructure for the power plant and have one gasifier and one 3.2MVA – 11KV GE Jenbacher gas engine generating electricity. Phase II of the project is to remove the phase I gasifier and engine, modify and extend the gasifier building and install six gasifiers and six gas engines to create a 12MW power plant.

The HV phase I involved installing the complete 33KV infrastructure and the partial 11KV infrastructure. The HV phase II will see the 11KV switchgear extended with the connection to the additional 11KV gas engines. The site has a 33KV import/export facility from Western Power distribution and FSD have installed the 33KV cabling from the DNO switchgear room to the 12MVA step up transformer supplied under the contract by ITI. The gas engine generates at 11KV and is connected to the 11Kv switchgear and there is an 11000/33000 step up transformer to achieve local grid connection. The 11KV switchgear feeds 2 x 11000/400V transformers for LV power distribution. The 33KV element of the project is now complete by FSD and the plant is now importing from the grid and phase I commissioning is well under way. FSD’s scope of work under this element of the project included:

  • Cable management design and installation.
  • 33KV cabling from DNO to transformer.
  • Supply and installation of 11KV surge arrestor panel for gas engine protection.
  • 11KV cabling associated with switchgear, surge arrestors, transformers, NER and gas engine.
  • Switchgear control cabling.
  • Switchgear building services.

The gasification plant houses the 4000A LV power distribution system, gasifier reactor, the wet electrostatic precipitator, the fuel handling plant, the ash handling plant and the balance of plant. The GE Jenbacher gas engine is located in an acoustic housing adjacent to the gasifier building. FSD’s scope of work under this element of the project included:

  • 4000A LV feeder from 11000/400 V transformers to LV distribution panel.
  • SCADA system infrastructure cabling installation.
  • Control panel/PLC panel installation.
  • Remote I/O panel installation.
  • Installation of plant instrumentation.
  • All LV power, control and instrument cabling design and installation.
  • Complete cable management.
  • Building services design and installation.
  • Gas detection cabling design and installation.
  • External lighting design and installation.
  • CCTV design and installation.