Epsom WTW

Customer: Eight2O – SMB jv

Site Owner: Thames Water

Value: £500k

Mechanical and Electrical design and installation covering the provision of UV Crypto removal at this water treatment works.

Commenced August 2019 and completed in January 2021.

Off-site fabrication played a major part in the delivery of this project, initial client planning permission delays compressed the installation phase of the works. Skids were manufactured and stored off site whilst the planning issues persisted, the completed skids were quality checked and signed off by our client at our factory and adjacent storage facility prior to delivery to site.

Extremely detailed programming was required as the build sequence was critical with sections of the prefabricated building (client supplied) being completed prior to the installation of the skid mounted UV equipment by FSD.

This is a video showcasing our completed M & E work by FSD site supervisor Ionut Baisan