Light Maintenance Depot

Customer: Birse Rail

Site Owner: Network Rail

Value: £1m

FSD have successfully completed a number of LMD Rail projects across the whole of the UK during 2007 and 2008.

LMD sites are where the rolling stock is maintained, and contain maintenance sheds and workshops as well as fuelling and carriage washing.

The LMD projects FSD have completed are involved with the storage and fuelling of diesel, lube oil and anti-freeze. The diesel and lube oil are tankered onto site and dispensed into the storage tanks by means of the tanker’s off-loading pump. Transfer pumps are then used to supply the product to the fuelling apron. Off-loading pumps are supplied to remove the waste oil.

FSD’s scope includes:

  • Supply of starter panels for the pumps
  • Installation of associated instrumentation
  • Design and supply of all associated power and control cabling including distribution and hazardous¬†area installations
  • Design and supply of area lighting

The scope detailed above was undertaken in the following areas:

Each fuelling apron comprises a number of filling points. At each fuelling point there is a local control panel (supplied by others in close consultation with FSD). The design and supply of all associated cabling and containment is within the FSD scope.

Lighting is provided at both storage tank areas and fuelling apron by means of both lighting columns for area lighting and fluorescents for walkways.