Barking Substation Security

Customer: Remsdaq

Site Owner: National Grid

Value: £800k

FSD achieved a very good working relationship with NG, largely due to the fact that the installation was of a high standard.

 FSD were awarded the contract by Remsdaq to install CCTV around the new 1.8 mile perimeter fence line at the National Grid site at Barking, and to install CCTV and a security system on all doors within the 275/400/132 sub stations.

From the main 3-bay control panel we installed 16x24c fibre optic cables which go out to 11xPID panels & 3xJBA panels and 2xsplice boxes.

FSD installed 11x PID panels situated around the site to control 62xJBV panels, via an 8c F/O cable and power cable which were installed from the distribution panels installed within the PIDs. In turn, each JBV panel will control 1 or 2 cameras/lights/speakers which were installed on an 8m mast sited adjacent to the JBV along with a wash bottle assembly to keep the cameras clean. The cabling for these were housed in ducts.

The earth systems for all of the mast/JBV/PIDs are also routed via the ducting system.

All of the PIDs & JBVs are installed on premade concrete plinths and are linked together via the ducting system within the CILL (fence line); these are sealed with mastic onto the plinth prior to bolting down, and then sealed around the base once fixed down

The 2xsplice boxes in turn supply a further 12xJBA panels which in turn supply all of the signals and controls for all of the door entry system and the intruder alarms which have been installed throughout the main buildings and any out buildings, the containment for the JBA cable net work was carried out through a new box trunking system which was installed within the cable trough net work within the buildings and is approximately 400m in total length.

Also supplied from the main power distribution boards are the power for the airlock gate system; this was routed through a mixture of existing trough and a new duct route.

An anti vibration Sabrefonic intruder alarm system has also been installed ; this involved installing an amount of control panels and linking them together via a Fibre Optic.

All personnel on site were qualified electricians and also trained to BESC and NG Person standards, and all required Disclosure Scotland rating. There were also a number of trained CP personal on site.

There were particular challenges associated with the phasing of work, with critical sections becoming available for installation at very short notice.

Additional photographs of the installations at Barking are available to view in our Gallery.