Wanlip Phase 15

Customer: MWH Treatment Ltd

Site Owner: Severn Trent Water

Value: £41k

FSD were awarded a project by MWH Treatment Limited (formerly Biwater) for the electrical installation of a third Jenbacher generator at Wanlip STW as part of the AMP4 delivery programme for Severn Trent.

The project, which was hazardous area certified by FSD, included connecting the generator set to a new 400/11000V AC transformer to supply the 11kV site ring main.

Saviour Engineering Services, a joint venture partner of FSD, were awarded the contract to install the stainless steel pipework associated with the generating set which takes methane gas from the anerobic digestion process on site.

In parallel with the work for MWH a small project was awarded to FSD directly from Severn Trent to monitor the voltage capping of on site 11KV switchgear. Severn Trent are now capable of supplying the 2.8MW of electricity required to operate the plant and also have the facility to export electricity to the national grid.