Our Marketplace

We have an ongoing commitment to ethical conduct in our business and servicing the needs of our clients by forming close collaborative relationships with clients, suppliers and end users. We aim to provide a positive customer experience with every interaction and be recognised as our clients’ preferred “Electrical and Mechanical Engineering Specialist”.

Business Ethics and Culture

  • We strive to carry out our business with careful consideration of all of our stakeholders, whose needs and wants are regularly assessed by continuously analysing all aspects of our internal and external environment. The unique culture of FSD is evident that we operate as a cohesive social organisation and our culture is reflected in our strategy to provide a positive customer experience and be our customer’s preferred contractor.

Commitment to Customers

  • We are committed to delivering technically excellent and innovative products and solutions that exceed customer expectations in value and service. We pride ourselves on being flexible to ever-changing programs and responsive to emergencies.
  • We have implemented systems to elicit feedback from our clients on the quality of our tender submissions. We carry out regular benchmarking studies to ensure we are meeting customers needs and to identify areas for improvement.

Collaboration / Joint Ventures

  • Our joint ventures allow us to increase the knowledge and value offered to our customers. We are looking to develop other relationships that will provide synergy to our customers.
  • We strongly believe that business is about creating a long term partnership with our customers and our supply chain partners. Working closely with our key suppliers enables us to drive our costs down and consequently provides savings for our customers. In addition to this, our collaborative relationships with suppliers give us the highest possible level of service, with our supply chain understanding the goals of FSD and working as part of our team throughout each and every project.

Quality Management System

  • Quality has become a byword for the service offered by FSD and our Quality Management System has been approved to ISO 9001:2015 standard.