Our industries have demanded the highest standards of quality, and after many years of meeting the stringent quality requirements of the UK’s power (conventional and nuclear) and water utilities, quality has become a byword of the service offered by FSD.

Our focus on quality does not stop at gaining ISO 9001:2015. We see quality of design, quality of installation and quality of customer service as an iterative process and a mechanism for improvement and we will strive to continually raise the quality bar in all aspects of our business.

Our quality assurance system can be readily adapted to suit specific customer or specific project requirements or procedures and is designed to give the customer the assurance that the end product will receive attention to quality at all stages of a project.

Quality Assurance Policy

  • FSD specialise in the design, assembly and installation of process control / measurement equipment and products for a wide range of industries. The nature of the company’s activities places particular emphasis on experience, expertise, capability, performance, safety, reliability and quality
  • The objective of the management of FSD is to provide products and services that conform to the specified requirements of the company, its customers and all applicable regulatory authorities.
  • FSD operate a total quality management system, controlled and administered by the quality representative.
  • FSD will maintain an effective and efficient quality management system, planned and developed in conjunction with other management functions. Emphasis is placed on individual responsibility for quality.
  • FSD will endeavour to achieve improvement in methods, product quality and service to ensure the satisfaction of customer requirements.
  • FSD shall ensure that management and employees are fully conversant with the company objectives through an organised training and education programme.
  • The company quality assurance programme and its manual of implementing procedures are based on the requirements of BS EN ISO 9001. The quality representative has the authority to effectively implement this quality policy across the company. He and his staff have the Managing Director’s complete support in fulfilling their roles.