Health & Safety

The Management Board of FSD are absolutely committed to ensuring that the health and safety of our people, our customers and all project stakeholders is a primary focus of our activities.  We regard the promotion of health and safety measures as a mutual objective for management and employees at all levels, and we invest in training and monitoring, through our ISO 45001:2018 accreditation, ensuring that we build on our impeccable safety record.

It is, therefore, Company policy to do all that is reasonable to prevent personal injury and damage to property, and to take steps, so far as is reasonably practicable, to protect employees and persons other than their employees (insofar as they come into contact with the operations of the Company or its products), from foreseeable hazards.

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Policy Statement

The Company will:-

  • Provide and maintain safe and healthy working conditions on their premises, taking account of any relevant statutory requirements.
  • Provide such training and instruction as may be relevant to their particular operations to assist employees to perform their work safely, efficiently and profitably.
  • Make available such safety devices and protective equipment as may be appropriate and to secure the supervision of their use.
  • Maintain a continuing interest in health and safety matters applicable to the activities in which they are involved and for management to set an example in safe behaviour.
  • Provide effective communications to ensure that co-operation and participation in the control of health and safety is provided by all levels of employees.

Employees of the Company have a duty to co-operate in this objective:-

  • By working safely and efficiently and with due regard to working colleagues and others.
  • By properly using safety devices and protective equipment provided, and by meeting statutory obligations.
  • By reporting incidents which have led or may lead to injury or damage.
  • By adhering to Company procedures and observing instructions designed to contribute to the protection of health and safety.
  • By cooperating in the investigation of accidents with the object of introducing measures to minimise the possibility of a recurrence.
  • By reporting the failure of or defect to any items of equipment or plant which form part of the “Working Tools” or “Safety Equipment”.

The Management Board of the Company recognises the responsibility for the implementation and successful management of this policy statement.

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